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Aussie Pies are made in a state-of-the-art facility, using high quality ingredients to make their delicious range of Pies, Pasties and Sausage rolls. We will be bringing more of our delicious products to you soon. Aussie Beef Pies are individually wrapped in a polyester film for freshness and convenience. The unique wrapping film is freezer proof and heat resistant, allowing the packaged pies to be heated in the pie warmer.


Beef  Pie 175g

Пай с говядиной

Made with 100% Australian beef in a rich, tasty gravy; this is the original comfort food. Our best selling pie .

Beef pie pack

beef cheese_pie

Beef and Cheese Pie 175g

Пай с говядиной и сыром

Lean Australian minced beef in rich, gravy and topped with cheese.

Beef cheese pie pack

beef mushroom_pie

Beef and Mushroom Pie 175g

Пай с говядиной и грибами

The firm texture and delicate earthy flavour of sliced cup mushrooms is combined with minced beef in a rich, meaty filling.

Beef mushroom pie pack


Premium Beef Steak Pie 175g

Пай со стейком высшего качества, 175г.

Tender pieces of diced beef steak suspended in a rich, meaty gravy.




Beef and Pepper Pie 175g

Пай с говядиной в перечном соусе, 175г.

Tender minced beef in a thick, peppered sauce, with a hint of freshly diced onion and sun-dried tomatoes.




Pastie 165g

Пирожок 165г

A range of fresh and colourful vegetables, bound together with minced beef and seasonings and pillowed in golden, puff pastry.



Sausage Roll 175g

Сосиска в тесте, 175г

A mixture of 100% lean Australian beef, binders and seasonings are blended together and wrapped inside tender puff pastry.



Spinach & Ricotta Roll 140g

Рулет из рикотты со шпинатом, 140г

A moist blend of creamy ricotta cheese, leafy green spinach, herbs and spices all wrapped in rich, puff pastry.


Beef and pepper Party Pie 50g

Мини-пай из говядины с перцем, 50г

Tender minced beef in a thick, peppered sauce, with a hint of freshly diced onion and sun-dried tomatoes.

Aussie Pies Mini Beef and pepper


Beef Party Pie 50g

Мини-пай из говядины, 50г

Succulent minced beef and tasty gravy enveloped in tender, golden pastry. Ideal to serve with a range of dipping sauces or condiments.

Aussie Pies Mini Beef


Quiche Florentine 50g

Киш по-флорентийски, 50г

Creamy ricotta cheese and spinach with a hint of cracked black pepper. Topped with cheddar cheese.


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